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Isn’t it nice when people dare to colour up? It can certainly get me out of any Monday mood – so follow my lead, and spice it up with some colours and patterns. PS. This edit has no link to Color Line, however, pun intended.

The Swedish unisex brand Adnym is by far one of my favourite brands!

Combining the love for craftsmanship and quality, with innovation and uniqueness – Adnym is mos def a brand to check out! Enjoy

Did you know that only 1% of people worldwide lists grey as their favorite colour?

With that in mind, follow my lead this week and stand out among the other 99%, shades of grey is much more than a terrible movie. Grey is my choice this week!

For those of you not quite sold on the mustard yellow combination last week, here is something I bet you like: Dark green! Combines easily with black, navy etc, and looks absolutely amazing no matter the occasion. Dare to go green this autumn, I know I will! 

Brown in combination with ochre yellow is an amazing combination for those early autumn days, and also spot on in terms of the current trend. If you don’t give a d… about trends, that’s perfectly fine, we have a lot of dull colours as well :)