By Mikal Strøm

 Imagine being in a state of constant wanderlust, combined with a fear of wide and open spaces.

Left: Sun City, Arizona, United States. Right: Sechura District of Piura, Peru

Jacqui Kenny is the Agoraphobic Traveller, she really wants to see the world but at the same time prefers to stay inside. She has found an amazing creative solution, and we love it.

Left: Sun City, Arizona. Right: Lima region, Peru.

 Jacqui Kenny travels the world with google street view and has seen places most of us have never heard of. Before you’ve had your lunch she may have visited Texas, Alaska, Mongolia and Peru and documented it on her beautiful Instagram account.

Left: Lima region, Peru. Right: Senegal, Western Africa.

Left: Senegal, Western Africa. Right: Arizona City, Arizona.

Left: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Right: Guellaia, Medenine, Tunisia.