By Hamré Sil Vous Plait

As we dust off the memories of a soon forgotten summer, and enter the beginning of fall, there’s always a whole array of things to consider. The days are rapidly getting darker, the temperature drops by the week and the fact that we’re living in Scandinavia means one thing: We’ve got to layer up! But with what?

Fall season means thicker, heavier pieces to wear – and it’s that time of the year when you have to dig out the heavy knits, warm jackets, beanies and scarves you probably packed away in April/May and soon forgot. When rummaging through it, you may get the sudden feeling or need to improve your wardrobe. Maybe the fur-lined parkas you bought last year just doesn’t feel right? Or the well worn chukkas you forgot to treat like they deserved are just lying there, in their box, looking at you like a sad puppy? If that's the case, or somewhat close, please read on. 

Footwear. Although the sneakers are everywhere, there is nothing more sad to look at than guys walking around in the pouring autumn rain in their NMDs wet to the bone and freezing. You should definitely get some NMDs, don’t get me wrong, but there is a time and a place for everything. Cold, rainy autumn days in Scandinavia. Not the place, nor the time. Be sure to purchase a pair of shoes, preferably boots that can withheld the Scandinavian autumn weather. Soles that are welted, not glued, is always a good tip. As for treatment? Take an extra minute every now and then to spray them with a spray protector. They will certainly last longer and look better with a little effort from your behalf

Outerwear. As there is several pieces of outerwear suitable for the fall/winter season, I’m not going to ironize over something you might have bought last year – as long as it’s warm and is suitable for wet, windy weather, you’re pretty much covered. Instead, I will recommend two styles based on the current trend, and also considering the chilly/freezing aspects of our climate.

First of all, a nice wool coat can never go wrong. Whether you’re a sneaker dude or a more sartorial kind of person, a coat is right down your alley. You might want to combine it with a hoodie and a pair of loose fitting pants with the sneakers, and throw it over a nicely fitted suit if that’s your cup of tea – nevertheless, both styles works perfectly. Be sure to kit up with beanies, gloves and scarves, a wool coat is always restricted when it comes to the time frame for its usage. When the temperature crawls well below zero, there is only one thing to dive into.

Secondly, the down jacket. Probably the only, and therefore, best choice for the kind of temperature that makes your beard start developing icicles. You may have a childhood memory of yourself clamping through the snow on your way to school, almost drowning in a way too big down jacket, hating every minute of it, but if you think harder: Did you freeze? Most certainly not. Most likely you felt stupid walking around looking like a marshmallow man, I remember too, but your parents tucked you in it for a reason.

The thermal insulator ability of a down jacket is unbeatable. It’s lightweight, easy packable and warm. Invest in a down-filled parkas, and you can withstand both the cold and the rain. A classic double takeout as they would say in curling.

To summarize, it’s mainly about comfort. Try not to think too much about what’s hot or not, or what the current trend says. After all, being miserable and cold has never been hot, has it?

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