By Mr. S'il Vous Plait


For those growing up in the nineties, the return of the logo dominated sportswear brands like Fila and Champion may feel strange. Or not. They might reminisce about Nas, LL Cool J, Tupac and the other hip hop giants that fronted these brands, as they suddenly see the exact same styles reappear on kids of today, who probably don’t even know who Nas or LL Cool J is.
Or maybe they do.



Nevertheless, the undisputable fact is that the retro sport trend is back. When it comes to fashion, as in life in general, things have a tendency to happen in a certain way. An action almost always creates a reaction. After years of a fashion scene dominated by clean, minimalistic, subtle styles and colours – the reaction is the reoccurrence of the big logos and strong colours. The timing is not coincidental, as the giant wave of streetwear is at its epicenter.

Adidas suddenly reclaimed their position as a fashion brand, and for those paying attention, the hype around brands like Vetements and Gosha Rubchinskiy just adds to the fact that nostalgia are holding the future in a headlock. The sudden uprise of brands that are characterized as anti-fashion, is perhaps the young people of todays attempt to flip their finger at the traditional fashion scene. Or are they simply paying their respect to the nostalgia and historical elements of the nineties?



Regardless, either you’re desperately rummaging through old boxes, searching for the long-lost products you wore in the nineties – or you’re too young to have that option – the time for putting on the logo dominated pieces of clothing is now.

Best regards