By Hamré Sil Vous Plait

Visiting a city with 2250mm rain each year, it’s essential to find a hotel with a homey atmosphere.

Norways second largest city, surrounded by seven mountains, is a place worth visiting. Bergen has a world famous dock protected by UNESCO and a city centre gondola lift that takes you straight to the top of one of its surrounding mountains…

Unfortunately the city has more rainy days than not, 240 to be precise. So when visiting, it makes perfect sense to check in to Villa Terminus, a hotel with a charming and personal atmosphere, a place you can stay inside, eat a good meal, relax in a library with a new book or if you’re a small group; rent the informal and ultra-modern kitchen.

The villa, which was built by the merchant Zander Kaae in 1770, has also given name to the street in which it is situated. Kaae was a renowned local philanthropist, and had the villa built for families in need. The building has now been carefully restored with great respect for its history and each room is unique, both in design and size.

The hotel is characterised by classic as well as modern interior, and the timeless Norwegian and Nordic design is the work of Claesson Koivisto Rune Architects. Furnishings have been sourced from carefully selected manufacturers, and the classic details, dating from the 1900s to the present day, have been purchased from antique dealers across Scandinavia.