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By Mr. Hamre S'il Vous Plait


As the season for formalwear approaches, with both office and Christmas parties, you might wonder what to wear. What kind of combinations would be best for those formal occasions, and how to solve the issue if suiting up isn’t your cup of tea?

The best tip for dressing up in a suit and looking sharp, is to work with the colour of the suit. Navy suit works perfectly with a shirt, tie and hankie in shades of blue, and you will easily be one of the sharpest looking individuals at the venue. To avoid the funeral look whilst wearing a black suit, boost your appearance by matching it with a flower printed shirt.



 What about those less formal occasions? Or the occasions where you’re able to avoid dressing in a classic suit, and can go down a notch on the formal barometer? A blazer is the best way to start off any semi-formal outfit, and can easily be combined with other items in an array of different fabrics, and still be on point with regards to appearance. Combine it with a nice piquet or sweater, and a pair of chinos to be at the top of your game.

Hopefully, now you’ll feel a bit more prepared for the season ahead, and you’ll be able to feel confident when you pick your outfits. However, if you’re the kind of guy that need not only images and text, but motion and a voice, we’ve got you covered: