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By Hamré S'il Vous Plaît


 The safest sign that summer is finally here, besides the obvious fact that the temperature rises and the sun never go down, is that the SALE period starts. Suddenly, every store mount the SALE window vinyls and posters in the colours of the rainbow, and you might find yourself at a loss?

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 What to buy? How to find those special products, that you will think back to in a few years from now, thinking ‘That was indeed a bargain.’ Here’s my thoughts on a few things to keep in mind:


Search for quality. If you’re able to look past the dazzling biggest reductions and focus on the actual products, buying a piece of clothing in a nice quality is most likely to become a favourite in years to come. Try to avoid too much synthetic garments, the natural fibres will always win in the long run when it comes to durability and look.


Avoid the massive trends. This might be difficult, as you probably want to get your hands on the items that every celebrity is wearing right now to a reduced price. However, trying to look past and beyond the current must haves, will increase the chance of long term happiness. Going for the timeless pieces, that you will be able to wear with your head held high even next year, will definitely be a wiser investment. That said, if all you want to do is to be spot on trendwise for a cheaper penny, go crazy!


Indisputably, the fact that the SALE period is a chance for you to improve your wardrobe, is most definitely there. It simply requires some planning and thinking ahead. As life in general. The time is now, happy shopping!


Best regards


Hamré S’il vous plait