Lukk handlekurv



By Hamré S'il Vous Plaît

Spring is upon us, and while the remains of winter slowly melts away, it’s time to pull out those sneakers and get them ready for spring. After all, now is their time to shine, and shine they will. A decent sneaker cleaner is the key product to ensuring that your sneakers are ready for action.



You shall always start by knocking the soles together, as this will make the surface dirt fall off, and your sneakers ready for the treatment that awaits. Use a clean piece of cloth or a towel to wipe off any fragments of dirt that refuses to fall for the good old knock-knock trick.



Your sneakers will definitely welcome the spray of a sneaker cleaner, and will dream of meeting fellow sneakers while the solution works for the required minutes. Dip a brush in lukewarm water, and use it to rub off memories of good times. When foam appears, you’re rubbing it the right way.



Finish off by wiping the sneakers dry with a clean towel or cloth, and you’re sneakers are ready to carry you on to whatever adventure that lies ahead.

Go conquer the world!