Edblad Size Guide

Here you will find tips on how to choose the right size or length of your jewellery. We explain how to measure your fingers and wrists to find the best ring and bracelet size. All measurements are in millimeters.


Edblad Rings - Diameter

The easiest way is to measure an existing ring that you have at home and that fits well. Measure the diameter of the ring in the inner dimensions where it is at its widest. Use a a slider, tape measure or a ruler. Round up to the ring size that best suits our table.

Size Diameter
XS 17.0 mm
S 18.0 mm
M 19.0 mm
L 20.0 mm
XL 21.0 mm


Edblad Rings - Circumference

You can also measure the circumference of your finger to find out which ring size fits best. Then take a piece of string and wrap around your finger. Cut off the string when it is wound one turn. Then measure how far the string is. Round up to the ring size that best suits our table.

Size Circumference
XS 53.4 mm
S 56.5 mm
M 59.7 mm
L 62.8 mm
XL 65.9 mm


Edblad Bracelets

Some of the bracelets come in two different sizes, small and large. The measurements refer to the inner measurement of the bracelets, i.e. the measurement on the inside of the bracelet when it is locked. To find out which size fits you, measure with a tape measure around your wrist.

If your wrist is up to 19 cm you should choose size small and up to 21 cm you should choose size large.

Size Circumference
S 19.5 mm
L 21.5 mm