Goal & Vision

We started Volt in 2006 with eight stores located in and close to Oslo, Norway. The goal was to establish a multi-brand concept for men, that combined the best Scandinavian brands mixed with a blend of international brands. The vision was to create a unique store concept, where the combination of brands presented in an inspiring environment by positive, service-minded staff could offer the best possible guidance and personal shopping experience.

We publish our own magazine, Volt Magasin, twice a year in a total of 250.000 copies, making it one of the biggest free magazines in Scandinavia. Articles about fashion, art, music and social responsibility are always to be found in every edition, and we strive to give prospects/prodigies within the different themes an arena to present themselves.


The responsibility of being a retailer is something we take seriously. We work closely with our CSR department and strive to always be in front when it comes to social responsibility, sustainability, and charity.


Today, we are presenting our concept through over 80 stores in Norway, Sweden, and Finland, and are continuously expanding, refining and evolving the Volt universe.


The web shop will make sure you can have the same experience online, as you would by visiting our stores physically. Also, our web shop has an extended selection of items and brands.


Our goal and vision are consistent – to create a universe where friendly, service-minded staff present the best from Scandinavian and international designers in an environment that are welcoming and one of a kind.


Welcome to Volt